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Optimise overdue payment collection & debt recovery

Utilise financial data and smart payments to optimise the collection of overdue payments and debt. Eliminate missed payments and establish tailored plans to assist customers in repaying outstanding debt.

Complete financial picture

Get a holistic view of your customer’s finances across all connected accounts

Perform pre-fund checks

Help eliminate dishonour fees by conducting pre-funds check before a payment is made

Dynamic collections

Identify moments where a customer is able to allocate funds to pay off debts

Discover benefits for
collections providers

The Basiq platform provides access to data and insights to optimise the collections experience,
enabling you to focus on creating unique value for your customers

01 Streamline onboarding

Seamlessly onboard users and ensure collections are processed from the right account by verifying bank account details such as Name, BSB and Account number.

  • $8,107 Avg. monthly credits
  • $7,537 Avg. monthly debits
  • Commbank Mr David Baller, 15 Bendigo Drive, Cartwright NSW
  • NAB Mr David & Susan Baller 15 Bendigo Drive, Cartwright NSW

02 Ensure successful payments

Perform real-time balance checks to ensure successful collection of overdue payments. Understand changes in a person’s financial position and take proactive steps to help manage customer experience in optimising overdue payments and debt collections.

03 Debt serviceability

Capture up to 2 years of historical financial data to build a profile of a customer’s financial position. Understand repayment history, income frequency and regular/irregular sources of income to create customised debt repayment plans.

04 Reduce likelihood of default

Highlight early signs of potential hardship based on changes in a customer’s financial position. Take proactive steps and create customer experiences to help prevent the likelihood of default.

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Products used by collection providers


Access financial data feeds from banks, super funds and other financial institutions with account information and detailed transaction history to gain a deeper understanding of your end users.

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Generate insights from financial data and get a complete financial picture of your customers. View income sources, financial commitments, risk metrics, expense categorisation and merchant insights.

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See how partners are using Basiq

Leveraging Open Banking throughout the credit lifecycle

“Only recently have we started to see the use of alternative data sets in credit performance. The benefits are clear but there’s been little in the market that reflects how powerful financial data can be. We are extremely excited with this partnership as it allows us to execute on these benefits and leverage transactional data insights to improve every aspect of the credit lifecycle for borrowers and lenders.”

Dion Nathanielsz, CEO
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Why partner with us

Knowledge & Expertise

Years of experience in accessing and driving insights from financial data through RESTFUL and fully documented APIs.

Scalability & Reliability

Helped over 3.4m consumers share their data on the platform with over 1m data requests per day.

Open Banking provider

Recognised as a provider of Open Banking services by the ACCC as an Accredited Data Recipient under the CDR.

Developer Tooling

Accelerate development with Basiq’s developer starter kits, best practice quick start guides and API documentation.

Single Platform

A single integration to plug in to the Basiq platform to access data and insights services.

Local Support

A dedicated local support team that ensures smooth implementation, continuous support and fast response times.

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