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We’re passionate about driving innovation in the financial services sector and look to empower companies, large and small, to create innovative financial solutions. Basiq takes the complexities out of building a fintech company and allows you to get to market faster.
Get a head start with the Basiq Launchpad for early-stage startups.

Basiq launchpad for startups

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Scale-up with the Basiq Launchpad for early-stage startups.
Get free access to live financial data for one month, then continue at a flat rate of $99/month for 6 months.

  • Less than A$1 million in funding
  • In business for less than 2 years
  • Headcount of less than 10
  • Less than 250 users per month

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You’re in good company


Get free access to real-time banking data today
by following the three simple steps below.

Get free access to real-time banking data today
by following the three simple steps below.

From ideation to IPO

We work with startups throughout their journey to scale, with some of the world’s most innovative startups and leading unicorns using Basiq today.

We know just how important it is to keep costs low whilst in development. Why? Because only a few years ago, we were exactly where you are today. Basiq was founded to take the complexities out of building a fintech and that is why we want to pay it forward to the fintech innovators of tomorrow.

from ideation to IPO


Dean Mao, CTO Beforepay

The aggregation of financial data is an important step in Beforepay providing its Pay On Demand™ and personal financial services to consumers. Basiq allows us to simplify a complicated process of aggregating data in order for us to concentrate on our product and adding value to our users.
Having the ability to see transactions anytime through Basiq also provides us with a great advantage in the marketplace. After integrating with Basiq, Beforepay hasn’t received any production issues in a month! Their support staff are knowledgeable and action our queries in a timely manner.

Build powerful financial solutions

Everything you need to quickly and securely develop, test and deploy your app.

Easily access your customers banking data with enterprise-grade security and managed consent.

Complete aggregation platform for acquiring financial data

Combine financial data from multiple accounts to get a complete view of your customer’s finances..

Connect and refresh data in real-time

On-demand retrieval of account balances and new bank transactions.

Comprehensive financial insights

Identify all sources of income, analyse expenses and discover cash assets and liabilities.

connect leverage open banking from day one

Leverage Open banking from day one

CDR compliant consent management and ongoing access to CDR data via one API.


Your customer’s data is always acquired, secured and retained in line with CDR Consent and Privacy requirements.

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