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$ 0.50 AUD

per user / month

  • Real-time access to financial data
  • Connect to 70+ financial institutions
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • No minimum contract period

Minimum spend $500 per month

Design a custom package
for your business

Available for businesses with large user volumes or unique business models

  • Volume
  • Premium
  • Multi-product
  • Integration
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Packed with powerful features

Start with Basiq Connect - the essential tool you need to to acquire financial data

  • Connect to all supported institutions
  • Access account details
  • Up-to-date account balances
  • Account and transaction classification
  • Access historical transactions
  • Easily integrate with our plugin control
  • Powerful Admin tools
  • Rich sandbox test data
  • Detailed usage reports

Enhance your data with powerful add-ons

Add-ons add enable you to extend the data with additional attributes
and features that add powerful capabilities to your app.



Provide your customers with a rich digital experience by helping them better understand where they’re spending.

  • Identify merchants
  • Acquire location data
  • Instant enrichment
  • Over 500 expense categories
  • Easy-to-use API service
  • Develop engaging PFM apps

$ 1

per user / month

Additional to Connect pricing.

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Conduct deep financial analysis, optimise online lending and get better insight into your customer's financial commitments.

  • Income verification
  • Identify assets
  • Current net position
  • Expense analysis
  • Analyse liabilities
  • Combine data from multiple banks

$ 3

per user / month

Additional to Connect pricing.

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Large number of users
or unique business model?

If you have 10,000+ active users per month or unique business needs, get in touch. Our teams will work with you to design a customised pricing package that works for your business.



Answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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How are users counted?

To determine your monthly fee, we count the total number of user records that existed within your current billing period. This also includes any users that may have existed but were deleted within this period. Your billing period is a monthly cycle, and commences on the day you become a paying customer.

Can I test the API for free?

Of course! We provide a very rich sandbox environment that enables you to start integrating right away with our API - without entering any payment details. When you’re ready to commence connecting to real institutions, simply activate your account (by supplying your payment details) and you’re away.

Are there any restrictions on API usage?

You can connect up to 10 bank connections per user, and refresh each connection up to 5 times per day.

Where can I track my usage?

The Developer Dashboard gives you access to all of your usage metrics. These metrics are updated throughout the day so you should be able to get an accurate snapshot of your current monthly and historical usage. Simply login to the Developer Dashboard, select Billing, and then click the Summary option on the left.

Do you have SLAs?

We have SLAs for enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.

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