Open banking

Take advantage of Open Banking

Providing you with all the tools to seamlessly acquire and use Open Banking data in a CDR compliant way

Recognised by the ACCC as an accredited data recipient

‘Dynamic Switching’ with a single unified API

Dynamically switch between CDR Open Banking data collection and digital data capture to enable a seamless extension of apps with minimal code changes. Let us worry about ‘the pipes’ and see unified, aggregated banking data in a single view.


CDR Compliant Consent management

We take the complexity away from UI consent capture by providing CDR compliant consent handling. Use our hosted consent management controls to speed up development or leverage our APIs to control the entire UI experience.


Data Governance

Ensure your customer’s data is always acquired, secured and retained in line with CDR Consent and Privacy requirements across both methods of data retrieval. Our enterprise-grade security and Privacy first approach means we never sell data and your customers never have to worry.


Manage multiple applications via a single platform

Enabling you to deploy multiple use cases/applications on a single platform with logical separation of data. This ensures you can support multiple uses cases with varying CDR consent requirements


Build powerful financial solutions

Everything you need to quickly and securely develop, test and deploy your app.


Data Consistency

Data is different from each institution and comes with varying inconsistencies. The Basiq platform saves you time by normalising and enriching the data across multiple institutions.


Intuitive Dashboard

Easily monitor job and connector performance with our intuitive dashboard.


Enterprise-grade security

Your customer's data is safe with enterprise-grade security for data at rest, in transit and in use.


Rich Sandbox Environment

Start developing immediately by connecting your app to our rich sandbox environment that simulates real banking data.

Bring your ideas to life

We have taken extreme care to design APIs that can easily be integrated with your solution, enabling you to access quality data and get to market faster. Once accredited to be a data recipient of Open Banking Data you will be able to share data with selected data holders.

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