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At Basiq, we’re providing you with all the tools to seamlessly acquire and use Open Banking data in a CDR compliant way. Learn how Open Banking can enable you to improve your product or service to create better customer experiences.

Exclusive Whitepaper:
Visualising an Open Finance Ecosystem

Our latest whitepaper deep dives into Open Finance and its evolution from Open Banking in Australia including an exploration of:
1. The components of Open Finance – Consent, Data, Insights, Actions.
2. A proposed model for an Open Finance ecosystem including a handy visualisation of a truly interconnected Open Finance ecosystem.
3. The benefits of Open Finance and a real world example of Open Finance in action.

Basiq’s Open Banking Product

Take advantage of Open Banking today. Basiq provides you with all the tools to seamlessly acquire and use Open Banking data in a CDR compliant way. Since 2017, we’ve been helping our customers leverage financial data via traditional methods. Now, Open Banking offers a formulation from a technical and regulatory standard that can accelerate data liquidity and provide even more financial data insights.

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CDR Access Models

In order to use Open Banking under the Consumer Data Right, organisations must choose a pathway for participation in the CDR from a range of models. Discover the access models currently available, along with crucial information to consider when choose a participation model including the pros and cons of each.

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