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Account verification

Use the Basiq platform to instantly verify bank accounts, assist with KYC/AML and mitigate risk for a seamless user experience.

Dive into the account verification guide to understand the difference between common account verification methods, where they fall short and see why leveraging the Basiq platform provides a faster, safer and seamless experience for your customers.

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Enjoy the benefits

With real-time access to data, merchant and consumer applications will be in a better place to:

01 Reduce application abandonment

Through streamlined customer onboarding and a faster more effective account verification process.

02 Trusted data straight from the bank

Instantly verify ID for deposits and withdrawals through trusted banking institutions.

03 Risk engines that
work for you

Through seamless and secure account verification, identify suspicious transactions and reduce the risk of fraud and enhance existing KYC/AML processes.

04 No more back and forth with the bank

Payers and collectors can enjoy a unified experience with immediate identification and verification.

What data do
you have access to?

Basiq data API attributes:
  • Income
  • Expenditure
  • Source of income
  • Cash deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Subscriptions & more

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Developer starter kits

Our developer starter kits provide a way to integrate the Basiq API into any application or provide a foundation to build upon. Built upon industry best practices using React, Next.js and tailwind, to easily provide configurable styling to create a native experience for partners.

Get started with our account verification starter kit and explore the Basiq Developer Hub to learn more about our suite of starter kit products.

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Developer guides

Explore the Developer Hub for everything you need to successfully integrate with Basiq.

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Learn more about Account Verification

What is Account Verification and why use it?

Quick, efficient, and practical, account verification provides a seamless onboarding experience for customers and merchants that protects both from mistakes and fraud.

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Instantly verify customer accounts using banking data

Discover how the use of banking data can speed up and simplify the account verification process, providing easier onboarding and better conversion for your customers.

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Use Open Banking data for Account Verification

Head over to Basiq’s Open Banking Hub to find out all you need to know about access and use of Open Banking. Learn how you can leverage Open Banking to help with account verification to onboard your customers.

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